Welcome to AACE.

Austin Atari Computer Enthusiasts
The Original and Premier Atari Group in Austin, TX. From 1981 till 1996.

Meetings:First Thursday of the month:regular meeting, Second Saturday of the month:Library/Officers Meeting. SIGs varied.
Newsletters:Usually monthly.

ATR-8000 Review by Kevin Rappold and some discussion from 1984 is now available.

Here are the scanned and cleaned Atr Newsletters put out by the official SIG from Austin A.C.E.:(posted when they become ready)
01Jul2K3 Note:Many of these pages do not OCR properly. I have started to post them as GIFS for now, until I can retype them.
1984:Jan - Feb - Mar(GFX) - Apr(GFX) - May(GFX) - Jun(GFX) - Jul(GFX) - Aug(GFX) - Sep(GFX) - Oct(GFX) - Nov(GFX)
1985:Jan(GFX) - Aug - Oct(*TXT NEW!) - REV(*TXT NEW!) - Nov
1986:Feb - Sep
(*Thanks to Larry White using better OCR to get these into text form)

For now, here is an Index.ATR Index. 2K text.(10Feb01 RLD)