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** Show Business **
Films and other Projects.

Film/TV stuff had fallen off so much in 2009-2010. I got a full time job.
I don't have time for these projects right now. Too bad. I miss it.

Local Theater Notes
Zachary Scott

Austin made projects(imdb search)
Austin Extras Info(old) & Austin Film Casting(new)
Austin Actors Net & Headshots
TX Hotline Casting
E! online
Internet Movie Database
Where are they now?(jul09)

KEY Table
O:Seen in orig show  0=no, 9=plain
D:Seen on DVD  0=no, 9=plain
X:Seen on DVD Extras  0=no, 9=plain

American Outlaws
--- I am a confederate soldier and a townie.
Shown O:5 D:5 X:9
Where I am in Movie:
Bar :56:50, table in backgnd
Rain 1:00:00, crossing in back
Extras/deleted/argue: 2:00, crossing in back
Fast Food Nation
--- I play a lab tech in a scene with Greg Kinear and Jason McDonald. Even though I was having a major bout with allergies, it was a fun set and day.
17Nov06 O:8 D:8 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Grind House
--- I play a zombie in the Richard Linklater part. 05Feb08: I am not in the movie. They used a different version of the Doc/son/house than I remember. I am in the extras..10 Minute Film School. They shot two versions. So its all good.
2007 O:0 D:0 X:9
Where I am in Movie:
Well, I am in it, wearing a mask,
in version 2 thye shot, but didn't show.
I show up in extras...kind of.
Lone Star State of Mind
--- I am a City Council Member and drive-in theater patron. Finally saw it on cable, and found it on DVD at Best Buy!, Jul03.
Shown O:9 D:9 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Sheriff :11:40, left of podium.
Miss Congeniality
--- I play a videographer at the end of a Beauty Pagent in San Antonio. I also am an audience member.
Shown O:5 D:5 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Office Space
--- I was one of the two dozen core extra Office Workers.
Shown O:9 D:9 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
The Quiet
--- Originally called "Dot". A UT Burnt Orange production. I spent a night as one of three Medical Examiners.
Fall2006 O:X D:9 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
MedEx 1:27:49, facing- moving gurney.
The Return
--- was "Revolver". I was to be in the bar/saloon and/or bbq place scenes. Two nights, I didn't actually do anything, though my truck got camera time.
10Nov06 O:X D:5 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Well my truck anyway-
The Rookie
--- I was one of many people at several baseball games in the '70s and '90s.
Shown O:5 D:5 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Where the Heart Is
-- I am one of approximately 100 guests at an awards dinner.
Shown O:5 D:5 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
Every Word is True
--- has been renamed to "Have you Heard?" and again raname into "Infamous". I may not be in this at all. Well, maybe the hat I was wearing will appear.
Oct06 Not in it.
The Hitcher
--- remake of the Hitchhiker I think. I was to play a high risk prisoner, in black and white. Spent two days, with lots of cops around. But didn't actually get on set. The director changed his mind, didn't want any of the three of us in b/w stripes.
Not in it.
Just Sue Me
--- I am one of the two computer room techs.
Didn't come out.
-- Mike Judge futuristic film for 20052006. I am a goofy like all of the extras! :).
Didn't make it in.
Life of David Gale
--- I play UT Faculty at a party. Now out on DVD.
Might have seen me way in the back.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-- I was booked and paid to be a mortician, but right before the call I was told the scenes were shot the night before without us!.
Didn't make it in.

Miller Light Commercial
--- Part of the Texas/Apple Pie series. I am a spectator at a baseball game. I do have a low res version.
Shown? O:5 D:? X:?
Where I am in Movie:
Kind of sprinkled all over the stadium.
--- I was brought in to be a driver/chauffer, later to be the photographer at the crowning.
Shown O:9 D:9 X:0
Where I am in Movie:
I am second photographer...
Warning-Parental Advisory
--- This is a VH1 movie about the 1985 controversy/trials on music ratings. I play Senate Aid and sound guy.
Apr02 O:9 D:? X:?
Where I am in Movie:
--- Series Pilot for HBO. I play the comment card customer. April04:NOT picked up by HBO. Someday I may actually get the copy I was told.
Probably will never be shown.
Friday Night Lights:
--- Series Pilot for NBC from the movie. I play a parent at the booster banquet. I finally found me, I think.

S1 E7, Larabee Lions. - Fan at game, parent?.
S1 E8. - Fan at game.
S4 E. - (shown 2010)Bus passenger.
S4 E. - (shown 2010)Fan at game.
S5 E. - (shown 2011)A Fan a couple of times. DRAT! Never got a T-shirt! :(
For all of this, I might have seen me in the pilot. Otherwise, I can't tell, and won't look anytime soon.
Wild Texas Winds
--- I am one of the many audience members at the Grand 'ol Opry.
Only in the audience.
Experience the Game
--- A CD rom game for Motorola Digital DNA. I play a Cult Leader using technology to try to force society to stop being dependant on technology. Would love to have a copy, but that isn't likely to happen.
Won't O:? D:? X:?

Sadly, very few productions are recorded, much less made available later. They are lost. You can't even search a database such as IMDB for movies to find your favorite actors doing theater.
June2K10:I've had great fun ushering at Bass, et al. Sound in Balcony 2 is a problem. I gave up understanding much of anything when I am up there. But the shows are great otherwise:Tegan & Sara, Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera(see note), DRT Cancion, A View from the Bridge, A Chorus Line. Paramount has some great stuff:Screwtape Letters, Roy Lozano dancers. Zach:not much really. Our Town was quite nice. Not much going on there.(Note):I ushered Phantom. A friend said she saw it a few years ago, and not again. There were no memorable songs. After ushering it twice in one day, I now know why. I had not known that Phantom not only took place in an opera house, it is an opera itself. I could barely understand most of what they were singing the whole show(I was on balcony 2! both times) At least I got the emotion. It certainly is not musical theater! I was ultimately dissapointed and will not see this again either unless I am on orchestra level.
Jan2k10:Been ushering at Bass et al. for a bit. Great shows. Fleck-Meyer-Hussein concert was outstanding, Theres a Boy in the Girls Bathroom and Pride and Prejudice were great, Riverdance was pretty good as well. paramount has had some great concerts and circus ahows.
Jul2k9:Well, High School Musical 2 seems to be postponed for this summer. The upcoming fall Zach season looks bland, usual Xmas shows I probably won't do as I've seen them a lot. I am now starting to usher at UT-PAC, first show, "Wicked" at Bass. upd:This was an outstanding show!
May2K9:Grapes of Wrath, the musical is fantastic. Takes a very depressing subject and leaves you feeling hopeful for the fuiture. The music fits in perfectly.

Nov2K8:Well, no plans for Plaid Tidings, Forever Plaid, or Shear Madness. Surprises me that a theater is left empty for several months. Usual Dec stuff...SantaLand Diaries I'll usher once, Rocking Christmas Party-probably not.
Aug2K8:WOW! Altar Boyz are fantastic! Great performances, great songs. I am not religious, but if I had this growing up, I might be more involved now. I love listening to the songs. While the CD is not of the guys who did our show, they sound very much the same, and its easy to forget.
Dec2K6...WOW! I am loving Plaid Tidings! What a great show. I hope this becomes a holiday staple, rotating with Shear Madness. Now I want to see Forever Plaid.
08Jan2K6:I am enjoying watching and ushering Shear Madness right now. A murder mystery comedy at a hair cutting salon in downtown Austin. Thru 12Feb06. Probably my favorite comedy. I have not seen this in the years I have been ushering. But the cast is perfect. Finally got to see Tony be the murderer! Probably won't be back for a while. Urinetown starts Jan 19.
Note:I have volunteered to usher performances at Zach Scott for many years(I usually get to see them for free). Most have been excellent. As of End 2008---#1:"Altar Boyz", 2008, #2:"Hank Williams Lost Highway" with Kenneth Brian, 2005 ties with "Grapes of Wrath", 2009, #3:"Shear Madness", 2005.
One can volunteer to do other things, so on a Saturday in Sep 2005, I was guarding a parking lot from ACLF visitors. I was going through the program on "Shear Madness" and I was surprised to find that David R. Jarrott was in "$5.15/hr". I was more surprised to find that Espie Randolph was in the "Idiocracy"(UMJP, 3001) now to be released in fall 2006. And then Larissa Walcott was in "Life of David Gale"! Three performers in things I have done. What a surprise! HA!


Projects sorted by Year Done
2010:Friday Night lights in the spring.
2009:FNL-Did a couple of episodes for 2010(season 4).
2007:FNL-several Season 1 episodes.
2006:Friday Night Lights(FNL)-Series Pilot(2006), Grind House(2007), The Hitcher(2007), FNL-Season 1:Epis.7,8(2006).
2005:Every Word is True(Have You Heard?, Infamous)(2006), Revolver(2005?), Fast Food Nation(2006).
2004:Idiocracy(Untitled Mike Judge Film)(2006), The Quiet(2006).
2003:$5.15/hr an HBO pilot.
2002:Warning-Parental Advisory(2002), RE:"TX Chainsaw Massacre"(2003)-almost.
2001:Lone Star State of Mind(2002), The Rookie(Mar-2002), Life of David Gale(2002).
2000:Picnic(TV-Apr2K), Miss Congeniality(Dec2K), American Outlaws(Aug01), Miller Light Beer Commercial(2001).
1999:The Experience, Where the Heart is(Apr2K).
1998:Office Space(Feb99), Just Sue Me.

Recent news
Just so many in 2009:
Farrah Fawcet(25jun)-not high on list, but will miss her;
Michael Jackson(25jun)-not high on my list, but ejoyed some of his music and "The Wiz";
Billy Mays(28jun)-wow what a shock, watched on Pitchmen .
Ricardo Montalban, Patrick Magoohan, Ron Silver, Bea Arthur, Dom Deluise, James Whitmore, David Carradine, Ed MacMahon
Majel Barrett Rodenberry-will miss her so much;
Brad Renfro, Suzanne Pleshette, Heath Ledger, Barry Morse(Space 1999), David Groh, Van Johnson, Arthur C. Clarke, Dick Martin, Estelle Getty, Harvey Korman, Ertha Kitt.
Andreas Katsulis, d:Feb 13,2006, 59, Most known as G'kar in Babalon 5, and the ST Romulan Commander Tomalak.
Franklin Cover, 77, played Tom Willis in The Jeffersons
Phil Brown, 89, played Uncle Owen in Star Wars 4 1977
Peter Benchly, 65, wrote Jaws among many others
James Doohan, d:Jul 20, 2005, 85, most notable as Star Trek's "Scotty".

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