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Filmed mostly in Austin, TX, and directed by Mike Judge. Starring Ron Livingston, David Herman, Gary Cole, Stephen Root, and Jennifer Aniston. This one started with an open call for extras. I went down in April 98 and left my picture and info, not expecting much would be different than the last time. Well a month passed when I received a call that film extras would need to show up at an orientation to get the layout and be looked over by Mike. Well, I was suprised and shocked to find out that this was the meeting for the 50 or so chosen to be Featured Extras, out of 1200+ applications! Mike went through all of them. Its a lot of work, so no wonder it took as long.
The next few weeks were a lot of fun. The extras were mostly great to be with and the crew made us a part of the family, considering there were as many of us as them some of the time(at least *I* didn't feel like a potted plant, in the way). Of the 50, only about half would be there the entire time, including me, called the "core" group. Once they brought in a lot more, so there were about 125 extras for the day. We made a list of names and numbers so that we could later get together for our own wrap party, but we never did. Definitely for the Premiere(turns out there won't be an official one). A few of us did get together in August '98 at Zilker Park for "South Pacific" since Doug Taylor was in it.

I've also started a video tape. It has the following items:
FOX NEWS 10JUN98 on the movie.
E.T. 25JUN98 on Jennifer and a little on the movie.
PHOTOLOG: some of the pictures I took.
E.T. 18DEC98 on Jennifer and more bits of the movie(and they say its due Feb '99).
01Feb99: The actual commercial.
09Feb99: A different commercial.
19Feb99: Interview with Diedric Bader.

About the film:About a guy that absolutely hates his job. He decides to stop going to work, mostly, but the company then decides to promote him while firing his coworkers. But he plans to get out by stealing a lot of money from the company with help from those same coworkers. And he isn't the only one that feels under-appreciated.

Links to external sites:
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These sites could change or disappear at any time:
20th Century Foxs' site:Officeguy.com (this site has window sizing problems.)

Pepsi site has a QT trailer, which I now have(3.2M).(needs qt3+)

Apple site has a QT trailer.(needs qt3+)

Reviews, Info, Pictures:
Baltimore Sun , Vancouver Sun , L.A. Times , USA Today , TNT Roughcut ,
Palm Beach Post , Knight-Ridder Newspapers , Milwaukee Journal Sentinal,
Boston Globe .

Here are some pictures, sorry for the wrong/missing names.

Home Base

Big pic=26K/372K.

Big pic=26K/474K.

Big pic=33K/532K.

Big pic=41K/670K.

Some of my coworkers in our holding room on the last day. Keith, Marion, Joannie, Bill, (?)Thomas Mops-catering, Karen, and ?.

More coworkers at the entrance to the set. Sheri, ?, ?, Carol, Deanna, and Cristi.

Here is the sign in front of our "home" for about three weeks. It was done so well, that people came in looking for the personnel office.

And lets not forget..Glenda, Cristy, Deanna, and Luis? in the back.

And here is a shot of the crew outside. Includes Mike Judge, Rip, Phil, Cristina, Michael, and Andrew(more or less).

Big pic=35K/893K.

Big pic=57K/1197K.

Gary as our boss having parking problems.

Fire day. As hot as it was, the fire made no difference. The artificial smoke was another story.

The poster at a theater.

Ron, David, Ajar, and Richard Riehle "going to work".

crackle, hiss.

Big pic=13k/254k.

Big pic=11k/254K

Big pic=19K/254K.

Big pic=18K/254K.

Big pic=18K/254K.

Me at my cubicle(via FOX 7 TV).

Heland Lee relaxing(via FOX 7 TV).

Downsizing(via E.T. TV) .

Traffic at Braker, 100 degree heat(via E.T. TV).

Hawiian shirt day meeting (via E.T. TV).

Big pic=8k/105K

Big pic=42K/1Meg.

Peter(Ron Livingston) at his cubicle(via the web).

Peter and company at cubicle(via web). *NOTE* top - center. Its Coby Chase!

Conferencing. *Note* Jerry and Donna in background(via TV).

Milton(Stephen Root) getting squeezed in(via web).

Conference room interview(via web).

Finally extracted the pics of me, and time locations in the film.

"Office Space" is copyrighted by 20th Century Fox and Mike Judge.

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