In watching movies and TV shows, I decided I wanted to post a list of many of those actors, performers, celebrities that have died that I like. Mostly too soon, mostly with so much more left to give. It still stuns me that many have been gone so long. Seems like yesterday they were entertaining us.

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Heath Ledger(accidental med combo, jan 22, 2008) Age:28. -
Quite a suprise. It was quite fun seeing what he'd do next. Brokeback Mountain, Batman/Joker 2008, Roar, Brothers Grimm, others.
Brad Renfro(drug related, jan 15, 2008) Age:25. -
Only found out about this from fifties site(oct05,08). Very, very sad. I was looking forward to his work growing.
Steve Irwin(animal attack, sep 04, 2006)Age:44. -
Host Crockadile Hunter.
Bruno Kirby( august 14, 2006)Age:54. -
James Kim(lost in snow in Oregon, dec 07, 2006)Age:35. -
...Lots of Technology shows and reports. Visit here.
Edward Albert, Jr.(lung cancer, sep2006)Age:55. IMDB -
...Butterflies are Free.
Andrew Martinez(suicide, may21, 2006)Age: . Sunning pic
, Rays Pics...Berekleys "Naked Guy", talk shows.
Chris Reeve(heart attack, Oct2004)Age:52. IMDB - Deathtrap PIC
...Superman Movies, In the Gloaming, many movies.
...Then his wife, Dana(44), dies March 2006 from lung cancer. They leave a son.
Andre Noble(ingested poisonous sap on camping trip, Jul2004)Age:25. IMDB - misc PIC
...Sugar, Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story, Twist, Random Passage series.
Richard Biggs(aortic tear, May2004)Age:44. IMDB - Warner B5
...Babylon 5 series, Any Day Now series, Tremors series, daytime dramas, others.
Jonathan Brandis(suicide, Nov2003) Age:27. IMDB - misc PIC (need better)
...Ladybugs, Neverending story, "Lucas" in Seaquest DSV/2032 series.
Jesse Nilsson(pneumonia related heart failure, Apr2003)Age:26. IMDB - Adventure, Inc. PIC
...Adventure, Inc., "Justin" in Ready or Not series, Model Behaviour.
Glenn Quinn(drug overdose, Dec2002)Age:32. IMDB - PIC
..."Mark" in Roseanne series, Some Girl, "Doyle" in Angel series.
Scott Plank(?, Oct2002) Age:44. IMDB - misc PIC This one stunned me as I watched The Division!
...Red Shoe Diaries, The Division series.
Kevin Smith(head injury from fall, Feb2002)Age:39. IMDB - PIC
..."Ares" in Xena, Warrior Princess, F/X the series, Riverworld.
David Strickland(suicide, Mar1999) Age:29. IMDB - PIC
...Suddenly Susan, Forces of Nature.
Phil Hartman(murder, May1998) Age:49. IMDB - SNL-Pic
...News Radio series, Saturday Night Live, Greedy, Jingle All the Way, Small Soldiers.
Mark Frankel(road accident, Sep1996)Age:34. IMDB - Solitaire for 2 PIC
..."Carlton Dial" in Fortune Hunter series, The Kindred, Solitaire for 2.
Ken Steadman(dune buggy crash, Sep1996) Age:27. IMDB - I like to play Games PIC
...Sliders series(killed filming episode), I like to play Games, Hindsight.
Tony Fields( ,Feb1995)Age:**. IMDB - PIC1
...Solid Gold, Chorus Line.
Joe Holland(pulmonary embolism, May1994)Age:33. IMDB - Back to the Beach PIC
....Back to the Beach, Booker.
River Phoenix(drug induced heart failure, Oct1993)Age:23. IMDB - misc PIC
...Explorers, Stand By Me, I love you to Death, My own Private Idaho, Sneakers.
James Franciscus(emphysema, Jul1991)Age:57. IMDB - Beneath the Planet of the Apes PIC
...Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Amazing Dobermans, Longstreet series.
Merritt Butrick(AIDS related, Mar1989)Age:29. IMDB - PIC
...Star Trek, "Johnny Slash" in Square Pegs series, Fright Night II.
Dean Paul Martin(plane crash, Mar1987)Age:36. IMDB - Players PIC
...Players, Hitchhiker series, "Billy Hayes" in Misfits of Science.
Jon-Erik Hexum(accidental gun shot, Oct1984)Age:27. IMDB - Male Model PIC
..."Phineas Bogg" in Voyagers series, Making of a Male Model, Cover Up series.
Ricky Nelson(plane crash, 31Dec1985)Age:45. IMDB - PIC
...Rio Bravo, Wackiest ship in the Army, Love & Kisses, music.
Sal Mineo(stabbed-unsolved, Feb1976)Age:37. IMDB - PIC
...Rebel without a Cause, Giant, Tonka, Cheyenne Autumn, Krakatoa, Escape from the Planet of the Apes.
Bobby Darin(complications from heart surgery, Dec1973)Age:37. IMDB - misc PIC
...Come September, If a man answers, That funny feeling, Hell is for Heroes, Pressure Point, others.
Brandon De Wilde(road accident, Jul1972)Age:30. IMDB - Blue Denim PIC
...Hud, All Fall Down, Those Calloways, others.

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Suzanne Pleshette(Resp failure, 19Jan2008).Age: One of my all time favorite actresses... Bob Newhart, Ugly Dauchsund.
Dana Reeve(lung cancer, Mar2006)Age:44 Wife of Chris Reeve, activist. Chris and Dana leave a son.
Wendie Jo Sperber(long bout with breast cancer, 29Nov2005)Age:46. IMDB
Back to the Future, Bachelor Party, many other movies.
Charlotte Coleman(sudden asthma attack, 14Nov2001)Age:33. IMDB
Four Weddings and a Funeral(Grants' flat mate), many movies.
Mary Frann(heart attack, Sep1998)Age:55. IMDB.
...Newhart series, Eight is Enough series, movies.

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But, be ready for the sadness of all of these people you are used to seeing on TV and in movies. It's a time shift seeing them in something made 30, 40, 50 years ago. It's strange, it's like yesterday. Many were in their 70s, 80s, 90s, even 100!, but many died comparatively young.