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APR 2002

This is a made for TV movie about the controversy on adding ratings to music(records and tapes). Parents wanted more info, artists and companies cried censorship. I play a senate aid on several days(crossing thru various parts of the building) and a sound guy at the end(where we all were a moving mass around parents as they tried to get to the door). Most of this was filmed in Houston, but the day I and other extras were there it was in the State Capitol Building in Austin, and their last day of filming. Met many people from other films there, Joe Grifasi from Lone Star was the extras casting. Dan(CapyDan) took many(60+) pictures of us, I will post a link when I get it.

I think I see me as a blur in seveal capital scenes.

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IMDb: Warning-Parental Advisory(under the working name of PMRC), Jason Priestly, Griffin Dunne, Mariel Hemmingway, Tim Guinee.

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