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22jul05: Should be in the Toronto Film Fest in September 2005.
13Feb05 Just found out that it has been renamed to "The Quiet". So I have renamed this page as well. It may not get distributed till next year.
I got called up by Sheila at Third Coast Extras to be in an new untitled UT film as a medical examiner. One of several. Me and Jerry(?) spent the night carting a body on a gurney up and down a font lawn. They did not remember to get a body and bag set up, so they rolled a large blanket in black light blocking fabric. J & I had to make it look more real. Then after lunch(at about 2AM), we loaded it in to a van and Jerry drove it away(I was in the passenger side), then let a crew driver back the van around other vehicles(me guiding on the right side), where we unloaded the body, and did it all again. Nice having a paramedic show us how to use the gurney right. She(Pam?) was in the movie this time-usually on set as the medic. This is why I do like working on movies. Spent from about 4A till our wrap watching the scene filmed from other perspectives and directions.

It seems to have been released Sep2006, but I don't remember seeing anything about it. So will have to look at cable early 2007.
20Mar2007 Well this has appeared. I have seen it from my Netflix queue. Nice Movie. I saw me and the rest in the scene about 15 minutes from end. No, I won't tell you who the body in the movie was!
01May07:Since I saw me, I have bought this DVD. Captures coming.

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