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Apr 16
Apr 16

Filmed in Dripping Springs, TX Mar 01, 2000. I was brought in to be a driver/chauffer. Leon (Office Space) was driver/chauffer as well. We had a nice chat. I was then picked to be the photographer. We are at a crowning party in 1966 at a real nice house. Joanie(Office Space) was playing the maid. Missy and Shelley from O.S. were hair and makeup. And several of the crew from other films were there. I do not know more about the film. More later.

16April2000:The film is a remake of the stage play(previously made into a movie). Filmed in Elgin and Dripping Springs. Stars are listed below. This was shown as a Kraft TV Movie.

Here are some video scans from the movie:

Big pic=24K.

Big pic=19K.

Big pic=23K.

Big pic=23K.

Here I am in front with Leon.

Closer of Leon(left) and me(right).

Inside as the photographer.

Behind the camera. It weighed about 30 lbs!

And a good one of Joanie.

Big pic=18K.

Big pic=18K.

Big pic=17K.

Here are several with Gareth at the dance. He is on the right in pic 6, middle in pic 7, and right of middle in pic 8.

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