"Miller Light Beer-Apple Pie 2001"
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I was called to do one day at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, in a group of about 300. Really nice-45 degrees when we got there, in shadow most of the time, but as we moved around the stadium, it got hotter. There were two Baseball teams, with a focus on six players on the white uniformed team. Yes, the same thing repeated many times, from many different places, including a skybox. But they didn't get enough done, so about a third of us got to come back a second day to do more of the same. They also had a hundred or so stiffs-the full size torso photo-on-cardboard-people to put way back. Pretty much everyone got at least a little sunburned. There were a lot of people here from other projects-Office Space, MCP, and American Outlaws. Heard a rumor the commercial was to show on Oct. 15th, but didn't see it. Did see a connection to ESPN on the Miller site. Did find a quicktime file of it in both english and spanish. Link below.

Jun01:My Aunt said she saw the commercial. its no longer on their website, and it looks like it was prime-time only, so I missed it. Anybody get it? I'd like a copy.

Click to get a low rez quicktime version(2 megs, my site, their link dead):Apple Pie-English

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