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Filmed in Austin, TX May-July 2000, and elsewhere. I knew it starred Sandra Bullock. It was during the first day I found it also starred Candice Bergin, Benjamin Bratt, William Shatner, and Michael Caine. There were a couple of hundred regular extras playing attendees, with hundreds more at different times, and 400 more one day just to be in the far, far background. Since I was a videographer, I got placed just behind the main audience, 6 to 8 rows back, when needed.

At one point we were doing a night shoot, doing a news gathering. I was a videographer along with several others, and several being photo journalists, and several being the reporters. We were rehearsing a scene trying to get an interview, using a standin for the actor. After many takes, getting the steady cams' path right, we finally got the call for the principal actor to take his place, while final setups were being made. I was at the bottom of the steps, not paying much attention, when a guy in dress clothes walked up and leaned against the railing next to me. It was a long few seconds before I realized it was William Shatner! Chatted with him for a few moments while he waited. A few minutes later, I head a voice I recognized. This is when I found out Michael Caine is in it!

The AAS paper said Nov. 04, that Miss Congeniality will have a premiere at the Paramount theater on Dec. 18, four days before the nationwide release on Dec. 22. This moves the start date from the 25th previously announced.

(This picture is from the website)

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Early on. Guy with arrow was in Life of David Gale too.

Nice view of pagent stage.

Found me in one of the audience places(arrow).

Guy with arrow was also in American Outlaws.

(Arrow)Capy Dan..started Austin Film Actors list at MC.

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Didn't see this at the movie..when Sandra was dragging out Candice, I show up between others as a videographer.

This is one where I kept moving to keep my camcorder on Sandra thru the whole take.

The Premiere was in Austin on Dec. 18th, 2000, at the Paramount Theater on Congress. I took several pictures with my digital camera and put a couple here.


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