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July 2003
Jan 31 2003
CMT Channel

This one is a comedy. Spent one day on this film, half was as a City Council member while the new Sherrif made a short speech, then spent much of the rest setting up for drive-in theater scene. The rest of the time was waiting with others while the hospital corridor scene was done. Saw many crew I am familiar with, and other extras from other film projects. A newbie was just retired, Helen.

17Aug01:Found out this is pushed to 2002 release.

04Mar02:Just found out that it is set for April 2002 release, but of course this can still change.

11Apr02:Well, looks like it might not get released in the US this year. And yet, IMDB has a review.

09Dec02:Well, it went straight to cable on the Starz network, at least in the U.S..

Jan 26 2003: Now on regular cable also under an alternate name "Cowboys and Idiots"(C&I). It is on CMT(Austin cbl 70). Friday Jan 31 7 P CST, and Sat Feb 1, 12P CST. Probably chopped up a bit for TV though.(They didn't actually show it.)

July 2003:Found the DVD had finally been released! Didn't expect it would.
The Sheriff scene was in, but not the drive in scene. Saw a lot of people during the hospital scenes. I found the movie to be quite funny and enjoyable.

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