"Life of David Gale 2002"
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21 Feb

This is a crime drama mystery. A UT professor against the death penalty is jailed for the murder of a pro death penalty activist. This is his story.
We did two nights of a party scene at the lake, with drinking and dancing. I am one of the faculty, so I had one of the few coats during the very cold nights(they did let everyone wear coats between scenes later). My 'date' was Wendy from Scotland. And I met a few from other films(natch), Peter, Chris, and a new one, Eric, and Phil H was AD again. Kevin Spacey was there the first night.

09Dec02:Just saw that the release has been pushed to 21 Feb 2003.

Well, got the dvd and looked for me, I think I saw a blur that look like me, with Wendy to the right.

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