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Filmed in Austin, TX, and directed by John Shepphird. Stars Tom Arnold, Randall Batinkoff, William McNamara, and two ladies I don't know. This one was a nice suprise. I spent most of one Thursday in October 1998 in front of the camera with the latter four, Robert and a woman(also extras), in a very small computer room as a technician. The makeup ladies, Felicity and Shelley, were the same as Office Space, so I had some nice chats with Shelley.

Well, its now July 1999. I have heard nothing and found out nothing else about this one. I don't know which company produced it nor which will(might) release it. It is not on any schedules I have seen.

I just got a copy of the Aug 20, 1999 "Entertainment Weekly" listing 154 movies out this Fall. JSM is not listed.

I just saw on IMDB that the release is in 2000. They now even list some principal actors.

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Just Sue Me, Tom Arnold, Randall Batinkoff, William McNamara and Billys' own website.

July 12, 2000:Here is a link I found to Showcase Entertainmant that is distributing the film. It gives a thorough plot outline.
And a direct link to the poster picture they have.

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23Feb99:In talking with others, turns out that about six of us worked on different days, also did work in "Office Space". A Sneak Date is planned.

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