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Third Coast called me up for this one too. I was to be the lab tech in a scene. So I only spent about 4 hours on set. Greeted several from other films, such as $5.15/hr two years ago already(really seems like last year). The scene revolved around Greg Kinnear and Jason McDonald smelling new scent/taste concoctions. There was a trailer with 8 little rooms. Jason, Diane-the secretary, and the suits each had a room. I had my first "own" dressing room for the time. Nice set. Nice people. Nice chatting with Jason(from Ireland, becoming a US citizen soon) as we waited for our scene to come up. I had been sick with temp, chills, and cough for 4 days(allergies, not flu), but was feeling pretty good this day. No sooner do I get on set in the room we will work, than I have a coughing fit. Sigh. Not much on this film at IMDB, but I think Jason may be in "Prime".

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