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Renamed from "Every Word is True". And pushed back a teay to Fall 2006.

This one is about Truman Capotes' book "In Cold Blood".

Third Coast called me up to be a restaurant patron. Went to wardrobe fitting, then the shoot downtown.
Day 1..The set was at a place on Congress, we had a holding/catering place several doors down. My group went first. We got a lot of stares as we were dressed in 1950's clothes. Our PA had a time finding the holding place-it hadn't been marked yet. Turns out it was a stripped out store-dirty, sheet rock dust all over, and no tables or chairs for the 16 of us. Catering showed up several hours later with furnishings for lunch, so we borrowed chairs. During the morning, some extras went in to do their thing. Lunch time, we found out a cooler was our water supply.
Had lunch, some PA convinced catering to let them keep 16 chairs for us for the rest of the day. Really great(!) planning overall. Went thru the small snack supply I always bring. I finally got called to cross the set to a cigarette machine get a pack and cross back(walking past Sandra Bullock, second film of hers I have been in)). After doing this several times, they decided to not do it any more. Went back to holding. Eventually, those that hadn't been used got sent home. Eleven hours for 15 minutes of being a patron that won't get used. Sigh. The restaurant was way too small for 16 of us. Too small for 4. Had a nice time chatting though. Some of us agreed to do the courthouse stuff in Marlin.

Day 2..Got booked to do something else downtown, got cancelled at the last minute.

Day 3..But scheduled to go to fitting again to re-do the clothes for Marlin, this time specifically as a Juror. Decided to use the same stuff. Got up at 3AM to catch the bus to Marlin. About 60 of us. Checked in, changed clothes. They actually had tables, chairs and changing rooms for the 150 or so of us this time! Got put in a group with Jurors, lawyers, and reporters(group A was law officers, group C was townsfolk). The Jurors, since they'd get seen at the trial, were only used as far background. This we did when the convicts were taken into the court house. Finally went to lunch. Glad I had snacks with me as we only had a water supply-prisoners at least get bread too. Went back to set to do more exteriors. Kept getting passed over for things as we were Jurors. Finally around 5:30 or so, I got pulled, taken to set to be the stand in for the judge at his bench, (promised a great place at the Juror scenes). Then got to sit in back as they shot those scenes, and then some with extras pulled in for audience. They brought in a second audience(for a different day I guess) and I was told they weren't going to shoot the Juror stuff at all! Go to holding, turn in wardrobe, and go home. What a disappoinment! This is what I, and I suspect the other 10 of us, were looking forward to all day. This made the other failings of the day worse..20 hours for nothing. Won't get paid for the 4+ hours travel/waiting time. Breakfast was a joke-donuts and cereal, no snacks on set or in holding, after almost 7 hours since lunch, we had two+ hours till we get home and not even pizza for dinner! At least I had the snacks I brought or I'd have been miserable. Powerbars rule! The crew was great. Chatting with the other extras was great fun-though I won't see any of them again I expect. Won't get paid for the cancelled booking or second fitting day I bet. This is the risk of this work. Certainly not for the money, but to know that there will always be a something of me around long after I am gone(something the vast majority of people will never do). But there comes a point where its not worth it. Would have been fine just being regular townsfolk/audience. This is at least three strikes for this film. I can't imagine falling for more lies to work on it any more. I won't go see it to try to find the hat I was wearing until its on TV. Really a wasted time.

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