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A film about James's and the Youngers at the end of the Civil War. I play a confederate soldier at the end of the line, on the long road home. They dusted us down with black power, when we got on set, the director couldn't make us out, we were all black and shiney, so the makeup dept. had to clean us off and reapply browns instead. Got home, and found almost all of my skin under the clothes was black! Several of us talk of that when we meet. Fun time cleaning that off!
And also I played a "townie". First pic in costume. First period pic. Night stuff was o.k., but didn't do much. Lack of communication kept me in a hot, smokey closet much of one Friday, while they were shooting a new scene after I had left the saloon! Sweating there all day left me very tired. Opted to not do the day of the hanging, outside, due to this! Baring this, it was nice doing a period piece, and the slogging in the rain was fun. Saw several crew from other pics. Apparently AD Phil Hardage from O.S. was there, but had contracted to do something else the two weeks I was there, so I didn't see him! A few extras from Miss Congeneality were there, too.
They built several western towns at a place near Driftwood that are going to be permanent sets. Plans are on the site.
18Aug01: Well, I have seen the movie. It was a lot of fun. But, I didn't really see me, the saloon scene got cut. Did any of you see yourselves? I saw a lot of us, but no one I know, until I can look more closely.
25Jan02:Bought the DVD. I am in a deleted scene in the saloon. I saw me twice in the movie, in the saloon near the doors and crossing behind Will in the rain. Now I can look for others I know.

Big pic=12K.

Big pic=21K.

Big pic=40K.

Big pic=22K.

Big pic=17K.

Theater where I saw the film on opening day.

The marquee with the title.

This is the deleted scene where I crossed. A bottle had been thrown, so I was trying to crunch through the glass quietly!

This is where I was playing and winning at poker.

Probably the most fun..slogging across the muddy street in the rain.

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