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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Fact.
***** HOT NEWS *****
Nov09:Stargate universe hooked from the first episode. The first moment. Fantastic show. I like that the main set of problems is the very old starship needs work, but is trying to help them too.

"Torchwood:Children of Earth" overall was a good series. It does have problems. With the destruction of a very main character, the Hub, Torchwood is left to survive by stealing-they have become thugs. Ianto dies, Jack goes away. Gwen and Rhys are left alone with a baby on the way. What does this bode for future Torchwood? Really nothing but contrived plots, or "Just Jack". Really, would Gwen leave her baby to go monster chasing? I don't think so. Would Rhys let her? Probably not. Another, oops, that really didn't happen, here is what did Dallas Shower sceneraio? Without the Hub, all of their centuries of data and specialized monster fighting equipment is gone. Unless they hijack another Torchwood base. And then they are not in Cardiff anymore. We barely had enough time with Ianto(especially), Owen, or Toshiko. They really want to make this a one person show? Introduce a whole new set of characters knowing they won't last long? Why care about them at all?
Nope. Torchwood is basically dead. They have thrown it away.

Still more new Doctor Who, mini movies. A special in Dec. A new Season with a new doctor in 2010.

Nov 08:Well, SciFi Channel started up "Sanctuary". I am liking it quite a bit.
Wondering what will become of Torchwood(for an astounding highley rated series, its third season is a 5 hour "special"?). And what will become of the new Dr. Who series, since most of the writers and production staff wanted to close up shop after 5 decades.
I am enjoying the Reboot movies, I didn't know existed.

Late Summer 08: Well, Carter is gone from Atlantis, Woolsey is o.k. Beckett at least has appeared in a couple of episodes. The 2 Stargate movies were very good. Now I hear Atlantis is cancelled. Not terribly upset about it. All of their changes has taken the excitement out of it. SCIFI Channel has very little left, again. Eureka mostly.
Fall 07: New leader in Atlantis. Colonel Carter from SG1. Not sure I like Tori Higginson leaving after we lost Dr. Beckett. Again why? Losing more of its appeal(now at 4).
Smr 07: Dr. Beckett killed!! What. One of my favorite characters. Paul McGillion was excellent! Would be nice to know why. LINK Atlantis has lost some of its appeal(now at 5).
01Feb07: Stargate and Atlantis delayed til APRIL! Booooo. And they are saying its the last season for Stargate SG1(and it was !!! :( ). Booooo!
01Jan07: Here is a link to the info on the new Babylon 5 DVD being done. the New B5 info here.
01Jan07 Well, actually, lost interest in LOST after the first season. Didn't like the stories of the "tail section" people. Surface is gone. Not much sci fi now. Doctor Who is great.
Babylon 5, - Stargate
Dr. Who, - Star Trek
Star Wars
Things Wanted
Dr. Dimension 3
Things Found
War of the Worlds II audio bks set
White Dwarf Movie



SETI@HOME, updated
Space Station Tracking

SCIFI SITES(Movies, TV, and Actors) |-----| SCIFI WEBRING

TV |
Reboot:Mainframe ---- Reboot:Justice
RED DWARF VII:Robert Lewellyns Site:A Behind the scenes QT movie(5.5megs)!

Its amazing the speed at which fiction is becoming reality. Classic Treks communicator is todays cell phone and its computer card is todays pcmcia flash ram card or 3" cd(Nov01:And now we have a 1 gigabyte smart media card!). We now have a machine that can create prototypes from a liquid plastic, a near replicator. The padd is common in the form of pdas(I have several Newtons and an IPAQ pocket pc).

My interest in technology breeds an interest in Science Fiction, Fact, and Fantasy. I watch what I can on TV:(Scifi channel lost me-gave no info on starting series). I wasn't thrilled with the info on the 2001 Enterprise, but after seeing the first episode, its my favorite Star Trek series. It's much more like real life than the others.
I love Stargate SG-1, too bad its the last season on Showtime, but hooray, moved to Scifi.
Really great Computer generated series are:'Reboot'-a terric inside the computer fantasy with 3 seasons, and 'Roughnecks:Starship Troopers' is space battle againt invading bugs. Really well done.

Jan2007:Well, instead of the theater movie, we are now getting two hour episodes direct to dvd. That's fine with me!.
Jan2005:Hooray! A NEW B5 Movie is being produced for theater release. That means enough money to rebuild all of the computer models and data that had been totally lost leaving us with series and movies with a minimum of B5 things(usually copied).
Jan2002:Hooray! B5:The Rangers. A new movie has made it to Sci-Fi channel on Jan 19th. (08Jan05)Too bad they did not pursue this. Would still love more B5 Rangers movies. Dylan Neal made a great Ranger Captain. I have now transferred this from vhs to dvd.
Oct 2001:We are getting another Crusade movie. At the end of the 5 year span before the virus kills everyone on Earth. Wraps up this storyline. Due Jan 2002. It may lead into yet another series.(08Jan05)O.K. No movie, no wrap up!
Feb 2001:Looks like TNT and JMS are talking again. More B5? More Crusade? Or a new idea?

Dr. Who
Jan2005:Nice to have a new Dr. Who series.
WHOVIANS UNITE! I've always enjoyed this series. It ran for a while on PBS, but that was many, many years ago. All I have is the "Five Doctors" movie(now on DVD 2004).
My favorite doctors are:John Pertwee, Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton, and Tom Baker. I have not seen the final one or two doctors, yet.
A friend of mine and I went up to Dallas one saturday expecting to go to the local computer user faire there each month. When we got there, it was moved to another day. Dissapointed, yes. But happy that a Dr. Who convention was going on in the same place! I got to meet John Pertwee! And buy stuff! On the trip around the outside, the Tardis mobile and Johns' Whomobile were parked.
Click on this link for a picture:Tardis tardis pic

SITES: Mainframe ---- Justice,, and alt.cartoon.reboot
Now out on DVD.
And 2 movies to watch.
The first three seasons were being shown on the Cartoon Channel. Season four is not in the works.
I'm collecting things from this series. So far, I have several 6" figures, 2 4" figures, several playsets, holo cards, board game, and exo skeleton made it here.

SITES: Home Page ---- Version 2.0
2008:Have been running the new Seti software.
Jan07Have not been doing this for quite some time, but still a great idea.
SIGNALS FROM SPACE! The idea of multiprocessing data on millions of computers is very exciting. Mine sits on, not doing much, a lot of the time. And now that I have a hard drive thats large enough, I thought it was time to get my system participating. It will scan the data looking for interesting things. The most recent version(3.03) does more complex calculations so takes about 48 hours for my new system. The program will send the results back and get more data, when I log onto the internet. Mine has processed 86 units in ~8200 hours.
Click on this link for a picture:Seti@home Seti @ Home
Well, I have made a turn. I've decided that nothing in far space is going to happen in my lifetime. While Scifi series are fun, the real thing is so far off as to be unobtainable. So I've dropped Seti@Home. I have dropped interest in other planets but Earth. I feel we know enough information about the other planets and objects that we have very little use for, that the money being spent on robot ships and probes would be better spent on the Space station and on a Moon base. We won't survive on Mars if we can't on the Moon. The Moon is a much better learning environment. In a century or so, when we get to closer to Mars, learning about it and other planets, makes more sense.

Space Station/Shuttle Tracking
SITES: Home Page
Now you can see when the Space Station or Shuttle will be overhead. Just needs your zip code. Requires java & frames.
Click on this link for a picture:Tracking tracking pic

I have not been dissappointed in Stargate episodes so far. One of the only SF series that I continue to watch(Lexx was wierd- though I like it, Farscape lost me when they started S2 unannounced, Voyager no longer has a UPN station here so I have to wait until syndication repeats, which it did a year or so later on a new UPN channel).

And SciFi channel added a spin off in smr2004-Stargate Atlantis. I am also enjoying this very much. Looks like both will be on thru smr 2006.

Old News
2006: Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas both from Babylon 5 have died. Sigh.
01Oct05 Lost is really great. Haven't gotten into Battlestar Galactica at all. Surface(fall05) is so far interesting inspite of another TV show with a heavy handed government controls everything way. Same as Threshhold. Really like Stargate and Atlantis, though not the short seasons.
01Aug05: The fan made STAR WARS:Revelations movie is great!(still need part 2 as of summer 08)
01Aug05: Found that the new fan series of Perry Rhodan books has been killed by the German copyright owner/publisher as they want a major (english/US)release. Boo to them!!! This might have generated the interested needed. They certainly haven't generated any in more than a decade.
22Jul05 Found that James Doohan, Scotty from Star Trek, has died. More here. This means my dream of another classic trek where Scotty winds up trapped in the dysan sphere transporter will never happen!!! :(
01Jul05: WOW! We have lost Enterprise and Andromeda. SciFi is a wasteland. The only things to look forward to are StarGate SG-1 and StarGate Atlantis.
08Jan2005:Not any updates in a long time, so here goes....

As usual, lost many real nice sci fi shows. But Stargate SG-1 is still on! And I like Stargate Atlantis. Looks like both will be on thru smr 2006.

Enterprise has had a great season in the last year or so. Really good stories. This season has had some great multi part stories. Still my favorite. Hopefully, S1 DVD will be out this year. Actually, S1 thru S4 have been/will be released this year. About $100.00 each!

Andromeda is having a strange season(2004-2005). After wrapping up the Magog invasion, a little chaos is nice. Really sad the series is gone. Sigh.

I know that Futurama has had most or all of the televised seasons released on DVD. I hope the final year that was in production but not shown(AFAIK) will be released as well. Nice cash infusion I think.

Things I am looking For
John DeChancie: Dr. Dimension. (Print Book) I have 1 and 2, but the people were left stranded in space. This was 6 or 7 years ago. We need volume three to get them home.

(Movie)Foreign, Poland I think, About a special/ magic door/ closet/ wardrobe that children/people find. Takes them outside a closed socialist, imprisioned "gray" society city I think. Saw it around 2002.

Howard Koch: War of the Worlds II. (Audio Book) Written by Thomas and Yvonne Phelan. I have volume 1, got Vol 2 from ebay in 2002, but need the rest. I know a complete set was available. I picked this up in Dallas three years or so ago, this 1st volume was excellent! Now I am searching for more at used book stores. Company out of business.
Oct2005Thanks to Sheryl N(who found this note from a web search I think, whoa), I now have the complete 4 volume set. Thanks again!
2008:Well, turns out the 4 volumes do not complete the story. At least 2 more volumes. Looks like the never got released. After the couple of days converting to mp3 and then listening to them, I came to find I don't care! The series was done with only minimal acting. Mostly monotone, little emotion. I don't think I could stand to listen to any more.

(Movie) About a strange world divided into a light side and a dark side. One reference was to "Dwarf Star" but can't find a listing.21Feb02:Found it! The name is really "White Dwarf". 08Jan05--I am finally at the point where I can burn a video dvd of this movie I got with my Tivo.

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