My list of Netcasts....

by Rick D

High Speed cable access has its perks. I could start downloading netcasts(*) with out concern for getting files that range from 12 megs to 350 megs! And I can even listen to better streaming radio. These people are bucking a trend by rolling thier own show(s). Too bad it doesn't stay that way. We need a law. Incremental updates during the year that have real value to the user. But no more mandatory, huge software updates more than once a year. A requirement that a web site supports software and codes from the Netscape 4.7 , html 3.0, java 1.2 days as a minimum(say standard from 3 years ago). No flash, no real, no anything special, proprietary, or XP dependant. With up to the second brand new codecs as a high end option only. It is exhausting trying to keep up with all of the changes that make the software I have useless. Its frustrating that I just spend the time and its already to old. I blacklist these sites.

So far my Favorites are:
TWiT(This Week in Tech) on the whole a great show. With many of the Screen Savers gang. Headed by Leo LaPorte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and John C. Dvorak(who quite frequently gets so complaining I can't listen anymore). Has started occasional video shows as well but Kevin(and others) has decided to dump open source and go with a closed encoding system by releasing them only in H.264(QuickTime7 and Windows XP or Mac). So much for underground or open source or net standards that are easy and open for as many as possible. Another group(Pixel Corps) has some, but you have to be a member to get them.
Leo LaPorte Radio from KFI.Org A weekend radio, 3 hours most Saturdays and Sundays. Streaming and archived shows and chats. I frequently listen live, but also I get the stream with Mozilla.
TWiM(This Week in Media) A good show on digial photography, publishing, etc.
GIZWIZ And a new one...with Dick Debartolo..Giz Wiz. Lots of great gadgets and fun.

And to a lesser extent....
Inside the Net..with Call for Helpers Amber and Leo.
Systm, a good show with Dan Huard and Kevin Rose. Sporadic.
Diggnation(not on my list anymore, there is just so much profanity I can take before the show is boring or stupid). Though it was nice to see/hear Alex Albrecht from The New Screen Savers again.
Digital Life TV with Patrick Norton. Frequently with Robert Heron. Very Interesting. Weekly, various video feeds. But, I get the low rez 320X240 for my pocket pc, in DivX, not as popular now.
From the Shadows is an underground feed. Usually with Yoshi DeJuerra from the Screen Savers.

Toronto Linux
Command N TV

(*)I don't like the term PODcast. I don't have an Ipod. Apple may one day sue over people using a name that is theirs and for a thing that isn't Ipod specific. I especially don't like spectacularising something that is proprietary, closed, restrictive, and controls how you listen to something you paid for.