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05July2008:I have updated the remember section of my pictures.
#6:Soon:My visit to the Make(magazine) Faire in Austin, TX.(Oct 2008)
#5:My visit to the Make(magazine) Faire in Austin, TX.(Oct 20, 2007)
#4:Rewiring several printer, Palm PDA, and Newton PDA serial cables.(rev:feb07)
#3:My List of Netcasts(rev:feb07)
#2:My Quest for the Perfect MP3 Player(rev:feb07)
#1:THUMBNAIL PICTURES THAT AREN'T! and Webhints (04 sep 2003)
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Jul30,2014:I have had one for 10 years now. Its a Series 1. It records everything I want, that it can get. I put a tivonet ethernet card into it some years ago so I could do more things with it. And for the last couple of years, I have wanted to get it to make its daily call through the net instead of dial up since AT&T has raised their prices by quite a lot. After a recent lightning storm took out the modem, I had no choice, the change must be made. I was down to 6 hours of guide data left. Since mine has a OS ver 3, all I "needed" to do was change the dialing code to ,#401. But of course, this did not work. I had to dig down, find info, and make two more changes...the first was to use nic_config_tivo to change dialup to network(reboot). Tivo did make more progress in the daily call, but couldn't get through. I make the second change, DHCP to (reboot) and hooray!, it made the daily call in about 1 minute, vs the 25 minutes by phone. Now to get tivoweb going...
Nov20,2014:Well, my brother insisted on dumping TimeWarner and getting AT&T Uverse, saving about half the money and getting more features, I'd get the dvr since I record more. I wasn't so sure. And on the day Uverse was installed, my Tivo could no longer get data. Tried what I could. But really had no time. I was really busy at work. I found no answer on Tivo Forums. A Ping test says Tivo was there. I finally looked a this very entry on my web page, and the light bulb went off. The uverse router had a different ip address than the TW one! If the Tivo had just given me an error message-"no isp gateway found" or some such thing, I think this would have been obvious. The test call went great. Downloading guide data took only a couple of minutes. hooray! Of course, its the wrong data, but thats next. I don't know if I will keep tivo with TW data, and programming Uverse to record it, or move Tivo to over the air stuff.

Sep2013:ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!I just found out that we had a Mini Maker Faire in June!!! Never saw a word about it! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Found out by accident when I was looking for future dates.

01July08:I listened to "NitPickers Guide to Classic Trekkers". It was great. I love listening to George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, and Walter Koenig talking about STC from the nitpickers book. Even criticising their own characters! They were interested, intelligent, and very funny! The flaw comes from the tapes themselves. Vol 2 only goes thru Assignment Earth then launches into the 1st 2 movies. Vol 3 is Eloan of Troyius thru Turnabout Intruder, a duplicate on the second tape, then picks up with more movies. Many episodes are missing. The date is 1995. Hopefully they fixed later sets.

Then I listened to "The Nitpickers Guide for Next Generation Trekkers". Not so good. The actors sounded bland and not interested in the material. Worse, in many instances words were pronounced wrong(such as "compannel" for "Com Panel"), People and Planet names pronounced wrong, and some sentences were repeated. I couldn't finish listening to this set.

Then I listened to Simon & Shusters:Alien Voices: Spock vs Q and Spock vs Q, the Sequel. These are fantastic. Both actors gave stellar performances. I WANT THE VIDEOS!! Did I say that loud enough? If there aren't videos, then MAKE THEM, PLEASE! Its frustrating to not see what the audience sees!

I like :
15feb07:I bought my new digital camera because it had two things...a slot for a Compact Flash card I already have and use, and takes standard AA batteries. I gradually worked up to 2300 mAh NiMH batteries, but they never lasted that long, only a dozen or so pictures and no warning from the battery display, and, they would lose the charge in a week or so. I was rotating 3 sets of batteries. After a year of this, I finally saw and bought some Energizer E2 Lithium batteries. These are FANTASTIC. I have had one set in the camera since Aug 2006 and they are still working in Feb 07. Replaced in May 07, 2nd set going strong in OCT 07.

I am looking for:
OCT 2007:Howard Koch: War of the Worlds II, vol 5+. (Audio Book) Written by Thomas and Yvonne Phelan. Well, I thought I had the whole set, but after converting the 8 tapes to mp3s, I found there was at least a volume 5, probably more. My guess they were never done. Can't find out anything on the items published by Pharoah Audiobooks, or a list of these audio books under the authors.
(Revised)ULTIMATELY, it really doesn't matter. For some reason I really liked the 1st volume. But, as I listen to the rest,(I am because of the time converting to mp3!), I found the acting bland. Very little emotion to anything. So I don't think I really care about the other volumes, unless they fall my way. Maybe I'll look for the ebooks instead.

John DeChancie: Dr. Dimension. (Print Book) I have 1 and 2, but the people were left stranded in space. This was around 2000! We need volume three to get them home!

Taming of the Shrew/Kiss Me Kate...there were several versions from the 1980s. I remember New York Central Park and Marc Singer. Possibly PBS, Hallmark, Kraft.

Six Rooms River View:A play on TV done by Alan Alda and Carol Burnett, from the 1980s, both looking at the same apartment.

Series Wanted:Blue Skies(Corey Parker) (1990s), Miss Match(200x), Street(200x), First Years(200x).

Plastic threaded screw together clear balls, 1", 4", with or without o-ring seal.

Small, 1 inch dia x 1/2" thick cylider plastic box. Have a few from Crafts, Etc., need them for a project, but can't find them now. The 1 X 1 X 1/2 cubed boxes are only o.k....see picture...medium...large. Since the stores are gone, I found and emailed a "Crafts, Etc." but never heard back from them. 01jan2012:Picked up some slightly larger ones Container Store now carries that will work fine when I need them.

(Movie)Foreign, Poland I think, About a special/ magic door/ closet/ wardrobe that children/people find. Takes them outside a closed socialist, imprisioned "gray" society city I think. Saw it around 2002. 22aug09:Possibly "Magic in the Mirror".(Nope). Still Looking.

I have Found:
Howard Koch: War of the Worlds II. (Audio Book) Written by Thomas and Yvonne Phelan. Oct2005 Thanks to Sheryl N(who found this note from a web search I think, whoa), I now have the 4 volume set. Thanks again! But see note above.
(old...)I found volume 1, got Vol 2 from ebay in 2002, but need the rest. I know a complete set of 4 was was available. I picked this up in Dallas in 2003 or 2004, this 1st volume was excellent! Now I am searching for more at used book stores. Company out of business.

(Movie) About a strange world divided into a light side and a dark side. One reference was to "Dwarf Star" but can't find a listing.21Feb02:Found it! The name is really "White Dwarf". 08Jan05--I am finally at the point where I can burn a video dvd of this movie I got with my Tivo. Actually, this waited till around November when I used my dvd recorder. Computer dvd creating and burning is extremely slow, 4 - 6 hours for a 2 hour movie.

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