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Jul2015:I set up a group on Yahoo to see if anyone was interested in a show in the Austin TX area. Turns out there is a show in the area at the end of July(Yes, I foud out the day AFTER!). I had no idea it had been going for about EIGHT YEARS!!! Obviously my having another show is the wrong path, though I will keep the group for a little while. Maybe I will be at their show next year(Classic Gaming Fest-Austin, TX July 2016). See my show list in my Atari Section, show map.

Jan 2012. It has been 36+ months since the last show. I have had almost no interest in another show. Apparently, I am the only one interested in actually putting on a show in the Austin, TX area(in the group I am in contact with). So for the time being, I will not put any effort into this. Maybe in a few years.

However, I am still interested in hombrew computers and electronics.
If you are into MAME, make stuff, or make and sell stuff as I do, email me at
mtg.rixcat " a t "

My keywords are:Gamer atari jaguar lynx gaming classic retro arcade boardgame sega apple commodore pinball console MAME computing homebrew electronics texas.

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